VMworld 2015 kicked off today with a massive set of announcements. Each year, our talented group of engineers get to take part in the ultimate show-and-tell, presenting and getting feedback on a myriad of new products and features. In addition, new ideas are shared and deep discussions are occurring everywhere you look.

VMware has been on a path to deliver the software-defined data center (SDDC) for a number of years, with former CTO Steve Herrod first introducing the concept at Interop 2012. SDDC isn’t just a VMware concept – it’s an industry goal. Software-defined compute, networking, storage and security are core tenets of many public cloud architectures. The difference with VMware is that our SDDC components are multi-data center and multi-cloud by design, allowing the same programmatic API-driven software-defined infrastructure services to be available across multiple clouds, branch offices, and private data centers. This is all key to our One Cloud philosophy that Carl Eschenbach articulated in this morning’s keynote. Nearly all enterprises will manage relationships with numerous cloud providers; however, they can count on VMware to enable the flexibility of simple deployment to a large choice of service providers or data centers, all while using their same tools and processes.

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