The notion of a people-centric, instead of a device-centric, application and content delivery model has been around for a very long time.

On the surface, people-centric computing is a simple concept—application and content delivery should be a matter of connecting them to people and not to devices. In my past life at Gartner, I had devoted several research reports to a topic that always seemed just out of grasp from reality.

Reality for most enterprises involves myriad of tools, groups, and processes to deliver Windows, Mac, web, and mobile applications. Many IT leaders that I work with would love to have a single team, set of tools, and processes for delivering applications and content, regardless of application or device type.

Oftentimes, there are at least two distinct management silos in each organization: the Windows desktop team and the mobile team. Policy enforcement is often inconsistent across teams due to tool disparities used by each. For some, web application provisioning and management is still the Wild West, with no central governance or identity management.

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